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1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Hey all,

I use this option when building libraries that support both Win32 & Pocket =
PC 2003 (ARMV4) platforms. Sometimes I'll need files for one but not the o=
ther, but want to bundle them all in the same VS project. (In case you've =
not used this feature: from the IDE, open the properties page for an indivi=
dual file and the option is under Configuration Properties/General. You ca=
n enable or disable individual files for configurations & platforms indepen=
dently. I'm using VS2005 and haven't confirmed other versions.)

E.g., say I've got a Utils library that among other things includes a TimeC=
E.cpp file for date/time functions that went missing under WinCE. I need i=
t for CE but definitely don't want it for Win32 or Linux, etc.

Does Bakefile currently support this?

I've tried a number of variations using conditions triggering off of FORMAT=
, PLATFORM_WIN32 and MSVS_PLATFORM, wrapping the <lib> target, or the <sour=
ces> tag, or a variable SOURCES with <if> conditions or cond attributes. m=
odify-target hasn't worked. I either get a project that enables the file f=
or all platforms, doesn't include the file at all, or a Bakefile error that=
only a weak condition is allowed at that particular spot.

At this point I'm out of tweaking ideas and thought I'd ask the obvious que=
stion. Seems like the Bakefile syntax supports it (any number of ways) but=
maybe the tool doesn't (yet)?

Thanks in advance,