ANN: Bakefile 0.2.4 released
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Vaclav Slavik
2008-09-30 11:22:51 UTC

Bakefile 0.2.4 is now available for download.

Most notable changes are support for Visual Studio 2008 and many fixes
to Visual Studio and Xcode project files. Full changelog is below.


Changes in 0.2.4:

- msvs200xprj: if "-o foo.vcproj" is specified on the command line, only
generate foo.vcproj and not foo.sln (#174)
- autoconf: fixes for non-default BUILDDIR
- msvs2005prj: fixed _WIN32_WCE define for PocketPC 2003 platform (#187)
- put user- or configure-provided LDFLAGS and LIBS to the end of linker
command line to avoid conflicts of local libraries with system-wide (#182)
- xcode2: fixed <ldflags> to not delete previously specified flags (#192)
- xcode2: fixed <cxxflags> and <cppflags> for C++ files (Scott Bailey, #194)
- xcode2: fixed <library> handling (Scott Bailey, #199)
- added <depends-on-file> to all formats, with warnings if it's not
implemented (#190)
- mingw, gnu: avoid "No rule to make target ..." errors in generated makefiles
when dependency header is removed (#201)
- msvs2003prj, msvs2005prj: don't use /RTC1 flag in release builds with debug
information enabled (#202)
- msvs2003prj, msvs2005prj: enable functions inlining iff optimization is
enabled instead of doing it unconditionally (#205)
- xcode2: added support for <headers> (Scott Bailey, #208)
- msvs2003prj, msvs2005prj: improvements to make generated projects more
similar to natively created projects (#210)
- fixes for running on Solaris (#214)
- xcode2: fixed naming of <dll> targets (Scott Bailey, #218)
- check for incorrect used of conditional <set> (#220)
- added support for multiple source files with the same name (#92)
- msvs2003prj, msvs2005prj: fixed to generate correct precompiled headers
setting for auto vs. manual PCH creation
- fixed incorrect dependencies of the "install" target (#225)
- added support for Visual Studio 2008 (#186)
- bakefile_gen --clean removes directories created by Bakefile (#171)
- fixed <subproject>'s <target> tag to work with all formats
(Francesco Montorsi #226)