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1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
Thanks for the quick reply and the reference -- I hadn't noticed all those =
examples under tests/. That's a great resource that I hadn't seen mentione=
d before. My bakefile works great now!

For anyone reading this who's also new to bakefile, this test works well fo=
r me for Win32, WinCE & Linux:

<!-- Files needed for WinCE -->
<set var=3D"CE_SOURCES"></set>
<set var=3D"CE_SOURCES">
<if cond=3D"PLATFORM_WIN32=3D=3D'1' and MSVS_PLATFORM=3D=3D'pocketpc200=

Without the preceding "PLATFORM_WIN32=3D=3D'1'" test bakefile will give an =
error on non Win32 platforms for MSVS_PLATFORM being undefined.

Just as an aside (not bakefile related): My dev/tweak cycle before was some=
thing like: modify bakefile, re-bake, click "ok" in the IDE to reload the m=
odified project files. It looks like VS2005 doesn't exactly do a clean rel=
oad. My bakefile that's working now (and likely several of my "failed" att=
empts last week) first showed up as not working at first. A fresh restart =
of VS solved it.