Announcing next-gen Bakefile
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Václav Slavík
2012-03-06 18:22:18 UTC

I'm happy to announce initial version of the Bakefile rewrite that was mentioned many times in the past.

Due to some early design mistakes, Bakefile 0.2 gained so much complexity that improving it further was pretty much impossible and would require enormous effort (that's the main reason why vs2010prj never materialized). Only a redesign and a rewrite, done very differently from Bakefile 0.2, could solve the issues well. The aim was to both simplify usage — by using friendlier syntax and eliminating the need for various hacks — and to drastically simplify development of Bakefile itself and plugins for it.

This means, unfortunately, that the new version is incompatible with legacy Bakefile. The differences in the underlying model are so big that I don't think automatic conversion is feasible, not on anything non-trivial (and trivial projects are trivially converted by hand).

I am making the new version available even though it's just a preview (or a beta version, if you're feeling generous). That is, it's usable for simple projects, but doesn't have — and won't, for some time — feature parity with 0.2.x ("legacy Bakefile" from now on). Also, only Visual Studio 2010 and GNU makefiles are implemented as of now.

A "compiled" build is available for download here:

Everything else (source code, wiki, bug tracker) is hosted at github:

I'll be updating the website in the coming weeks to reflect this.

Feature requests would be most appreciated, please file them at https://github.com/vslavik/bakefile/issues. I'm not much interested in wishlist items for now (I have tons of these!), but rather in missing functionality that prevents you from using Bakefile 1.x. "Me too!" comments on existing issues are welcome too.

As for legacy Bakefile, nothing much will happen. There may be an odd commit or two going into it, but I don't expect to make another release, unless some very serious problem makes it necessary. Instead, I'm going to focus all my effort on adding features back to 1.x.

Finally, my thanks go to TT-Solutions (http://www.tt-solutions.com/) for sponsoring a large chunk of Bakefile work.